Name Description Languages Frameworks / libs Type Under Development
Hemianopsia Greasemonkey scripts for adding RTL text rendering support into various websites JavaScript Greasemonkey Script Nope
ashttp HTTP Tunnel with easy-to-hack obfuscation Python Twisted Script Nope
servedelta serverside implementation generating deltup files for getdelta script Python Script Nope
Trello BIDI support Greasemonkey script adding RTL languages support NOT USABLE [not Trello fan] ANYMORE JavaScript Script Nope
RESURGAM Exprimental traffic obfuscation platform. (SSH <-> HTTP obfuscator, HTTP header manipulator) C Project Nope
ByeNote Broadcast your last note to your classmates and send them a PDF archive in the End. PHP JavaScript Agavi, Bootstrap Script, Simple webapp Nope
simch4e15-17 Solution for Discrete-Event System Simulation [5ed] chapter 4, exercises 15-17. try it online. PHP Homework Nope
Rpoxy Simple HTTP 1.0 proxy server for UNIX. C Homework Nope
Wellgard Travelling salesman solution using Genetics algorithms. Python PyQt Homework Nope
Schedsim Simulation software for some scheduling algorithms mentioned in Tanenbaum OS book. Python PyQt Homework Nope
Qompress A simple Huffman (de)compressor. Python PyQt Homework Nope
Atlantis A mimic of a file system in UNIX. C Homework Nope
^C Judgement System. Developed to be configurable and flexible for grading programming exercises. a working example is running at PHP JavaScript Shell C require.js backbone.js jquery and depended on vixie-cron, sandbox and compilers WebApp Nope

Note: Homework codes or little scripts are fast written and easy-peasy solutions. They might save your time sometimes. i don't care about their SUCKness. :)