It's a simple judgment system designed for schools and colleges. It's more forgetful than PC² and this accuracy could be configured to [don't] ignore differences with true program and grade regarding these differences. So students getting a grade between 0 to 100 instead of simply accepted or rejected.

It runs on UNIX platform, needs vixie-cron, sanbox and written with PHP, JavaScript, Bash and C.

Student asks for membership in a course. if course's teacher accepts the request, student will be announced after each exercise (it's a set of exercises actually) and student uploads exercises (in a zip archive) till deadline time. on correction time exercises will be compiled (compilers must be installed on server) and will be executed (in a sandbox) with teacher's collected inputs (which are called test-case). outputs are saved and compared to teacher's output in regard to correction configuration (which set by teacher on exercise uploads) by diff. then grade computed according to each test-case wage, each exercise wage and each exercise set wage. Of course, And it does some works for checking cheats and some other features.

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You shouldn't if you are using systems like moodle which have dozens of plug-ins for this job; else You haven't other choice.

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It's not that much up to date.

I'm not working on it seriously, but here is features I'll (or at least i like) to make available: